We are so pretty and behaving (for now)....



Need some help with that???


Ears, ears and ears, Batman would be jealous....



Daddy Spock, what is that thing on the wall????


Feeding time, pig out


Lequoia kittens are in many different colors

From left to right: Brown spotted tabby, Seal lynx point tabby, Silver spotted tabby, Black and brown spotted tabby.




Do we have spots??

And what about the belly, any spots there???? O Yeahhhhhh!!!!!!!


Crash course, how to make a mess with water, watch and learn


How much fun is it to be a kitten? A LOT!!!!!!


I think this cat tree is a little small for us, big cats??

I like puzzles, how do I get in that little house?? mmmmm
Nah-na-na-na-na, I do fit in here!!!! It's a kitty tree!!!!


g1 g1


spots spots and more spots
g2 g2 g2


Savannahs love to inspect the trash.
g3 g3 g3


MAMA !!!!!!  


g5 g5
I do like water Play time!!!!



g6 g6
Where did the ball go? I had such a nice dream....


g6 g6
I am bigger then you!!!! I like this pillow, is it new?


g7 g7
Peekaboo We will help with the dishes!


Kioko has fun
Lanai is standing tall, 10 months old
g8 g8



Ayani found a high place in a popcornbox
Khensu (neutered F5 male) poses outside
g10 g10



Kioko "hands up"
g11 g11





Mack loves to play outside




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