Savannah colors

TICA allows in the Savannahs these colors:
DIVISIONS: Solid, Tabby and Silver/Smoke Division.
COLORS: Black (black with black spots), Brown Spotted Tabby (cool to warm brown, tan or gold with black or dark brown spots), Silver Spotted Tabby,(silver coat with black or dark grey spots), Black Smoke , (white undercoat with black spots) only.
The only color variations allowed are the gold to orange ground color with bold dark
markings, the silver ground color with bold dark markings, solid black and black smoke. Lips are black as are the prominent black tear duct lines on the inner sides of each eye.
On the spotted Savannahs the nose leather can be either brick red , solid black
or black with a light red or pink line running down the center.
In black Savannahs, the nose leather must be solid black.
Paw pads in either color variation should be deep charcoal or brownish black.

In addition, the Savannah can come in nonstandard variations such as the classic patterns, lynx point and blue or other diluted colors derived from domestic sources
The nonstandard variations are pets only and we do not strive to breed for them.


SAVANNAH Permissible colors


(black) Silver Spotted Tabby Savannah (SST)

Silver have many times different shades, from light silver to dark and darker silver. I tried to give you an idea how it looks with a kitten picture and adult from the same cat in the pictures below.




"warm" colored, Brown (black) Spotted Tabby Savannah (BST)


mb rtg

Left; Cool colored Brown Spotted Tabby Savannah, Right Cool Brown Spotted Tabby Savannah Kitten


Below: light Brown spotted Tabby Savannah (BST)

Cool colored or "Charcoal" Brown Spotted Tabby Savannah


Left; Lequoia Dubai, Black smoke. Right Lequoia Yuka, silver Black spotted tabby. Both daughters from Spock (black smoke)



Black Smoke Savannah kittens, right picture above is Spock, 14 weeks young

Adult Black Smoke Savannah.



This is a nice Black smoke daughter from Spock, F5C,

Lequoia Purrump Callgirl of Allearz

AKA: Vixen, owned by Trish http://www.allearzsavannahs.com/

photographs by Diana Starr with Starrlight Photography @ MP Regional TICA cat show 2010



Color difference with a Black smoke and a Black Savannah



Black (Melanistic) Savannah kitten. If you look closely, you can see his spots.


Lequoia kittens are in many different colors


From left to right: Brown spotted tabby, Seal lynx point tabby, Silver spotted tabby, Black and brown spotted tabby.


SAVANNAH non-permissible colors



F5, Seal Lynx Point, or snow Savannah female kitten, 15 weeks young (SLP)


F5, Seal Lynx Point, or snow Savannah male kitten


F3 Chuju, Seal Lynx point

Owned by Jacqueline Luttrelle


F6C, seal point marble

owner: Mary Ashar


Snows can come in many colors, like seal, chocolate, lilac, blue, tortie, red. These colors are pretty rare to have in the Savannah's, but some times one of these colors are in our Savannah kittens.


Photo courtesy of Michael and Valerie Bartlett

Photo courtesy of cattery Columbiabreeze

A Chocolate Savannah looks a lot like the brown spotted, BUT, no black on the cat, all will be dark or light brown spots, tail tip is dark brown and paw pads are pinkish/brown.



The chocolate point generally has ivory-white fur which stays pale throughout their lifetime.This differs from seal points, whose coats tends to darken as they get older. Seal points sometimes end up with very dark coats indeed!Occasionally, though, you may find a chocolate point with a cinnamon tone to their coat.This is set off by warm-toned milk-chocolate colored points (facial mask, ears, tail, and paws). Their nose leather and especially their paw pads have a pinkish undertone.If in doubt, this pinkish undertone is a good way of telling a chocolate from a seal point, which has a dark brown nose and paw pads, with no pink showing at all.Chocolate point cats are less common than seal points and the kittens develop their coloring later than their darker seal and blue relatives.

F5 Jack Frost, owned by melissa palmer



Read more about this pattern: www.lequoiacats.com/LequoiaServaline.html

This pattern is pretty rare and not many breeders breed for this pattern. This pattern can be in Brown ticked tabby (BTT) and in Silver ticked tabby (STT). This Servaline pattern is theorized from the abbysinian breed, and there is evidence of the Servaline Serval was found in the wild. http://karlshuker.blogspot.com/2009/01/schrebers-cat-of-many-colours.html

A Leptailurus serval (servaline) is at the Smithsonian Museum (hall of Mammals) in Washington DC.

The servaline cat has very fine or almost indistinct spots, and is smaller than the larger spotted forms.This pattern has small freckle spots, giving a speckled appearance instead of the big spots from the Serval.

Breeder of the Servaline pattern

Shelby Sanford

Cattery Dreamweavercatz

F2 Brown Ticked tabby (BTT)

Shelby's F1 Rumor, Brown Ticked tabby



Aleiah F2B,BTT left, Brown spotted tabby right
F3, BTT kitten from Mary Ashar
F2, Brown Ticked Tabby, owned by Laura.

A very unique F3 Silver Ticked Tabby (STT)


Pictures courtesy from Mary Ashar owner of these Savannah's




Brown (black) marbled tabby

bm bm

Silver (black) marbled tabby kitten


Gattobello Ruthie, F4 C, Brown (Black) Marble Tabby kitten.

Pictures courtesy from:

Kristine C. Alessio,Esq.
Gattobello Savannahs





Cinnamon Savannah. Picture courtesy of Cattery Demdar

Pictures courtesy from:

Kristine C. Alessio,Esq.
Gattobello Savannahs

Gattobello Huey, F7 SBT, Cinnamon Spotted Tabby



A Torbie, or patched tabby, is a tortoiseshell where the tabby pattern is very distinct all over the cat. A Calico or Tortoiseshell may have distinct tabby pattern on the red or cream patches but no patterning on the other color. With a Tortoiseshell, the three colors are blended and don't form distinct patches. A Tortoiseshell may have significant portions of white as well, but the remaining colors are blended (this particular pattern is called a tortoiseshell and white). A Torbie is clearly patterned all over the cat, never on the white. With a calico, there is a significant amount of white, and the two colors are broken up into distinct patches

F1, Dega, Torbie Spotted Tabbie with White (Calico.) Owner: Darlynne Downey http://www.victorylanesavannahs.com/

F2 Amber a Brown/Black spotted Torbie owned by Cynthia Hopper. SV breeder in the UK: http://www.wiccacats.co.uk/




F6C Solid Blue. You can just see her ghost spotting, and she did have a blue spotted brother also. Owner: Darlynne Downey http://www.victorylanesavannahs.com/

F2B Allearz Chumlee. Blue spotted tabby with white kitten.


Picture courtesy from: Trish http://www.allearzsavannahs.com/

F2 Nimbus, Blue spotted tabby.

Owned by Jacqueline Luttrelle

Blue Spotted Tabby Savannah ( Gibson, owner Lydia Waters)

10 weeks 14 months
gi gi







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