I created this page to let people see what it is to own a Savannah OR to be owned by a Savannah. These are super great cats but not for everyone who can't appreciate a lot of interaction in their house.

The Savannah descend from an exotic cat, the African Serval, but federal laws defines ALL generations of Savannah's as domestic cats as they have a domestic parent. Means the Savannah is NOT an exotic cat but a domestic cat breed recognized by Tica, The International Cat Association. Even at the first generation (F1) Savannah's are domestic pets, they eat domestic cat food, use litter boxes, play with any toy and will sleep with you. Savannah's are bred to look "wild" but they are NOT wild cats.
(written by Brigitte Cowell)

Just be aware, once you own a Savannah, you will be addicted for life because: Savannah's have a remarkable personality. It is a confident, very smart, alert, is very curious that seeks out adventure at every opportunity, friendly and affectionate. It is very "puppy-like" in his approach to life, ever playful and full of energy. Can learn to walk on a leash. Savannah's are talkers, love to babble and chat with you, sometimes soft, sometimes louder to make their point. Love to play and fetch, retrieve all kinds of things, whatever is moveable, it will be claimed as a toy. Many (not all do) love water to play with or in and or to put their toys in. These cats are extremely smart. They bond very closely with the humans in the household and want to be with them in whatever room they are in. They may want to be in the same room with you, but don’t expect them to be sitting still. They are very active and curious kitties and always looking for some fun and something new to do. Savannah's love to have other pets around to play with and are great with children.

If you saw all pictures on this page and you're still smiling and having fun, you're ready to be owned by a Savannah!!!

The Savannah cats are a hybrid breed started by breeding a domestic cat to a Serval.



The "F" stands for Filial Generation and indicates how many generations removed the cat is from its African Serval ancestry

Savannah codes:
An A Savannah means one parent was a Savannah and the other parent was an out-cross.
An B Savannah means that at least one Grandparent was of a different breed and both parents were Savannahs.
An C Savannah means that at least one Great Grandparent was of a different breed, both grandparents were Savannahs, and both parents were Savannahs.

SBT means "Stud Book Traditional" and is a Savannah with three generations of Savannah to Savannah breeding. This is what is considered a purebred cat and is the ultimate goal for our Savannahs, and can be shown in Tica shows.An F4 can be the first SBT generation, and later on.

F1 SAVANNAH'S, had a Serval dad, first generation offspring.
F2 SAVANNAH'S, had a Serval Grand-dad, second generation offspring
F3 SAVANNAH'S, had a Serval Grand, Grand-dad, third generation offspring.
F4 SAVANNAH'S, fourth generation offspring from the Serval.
F5 SAVANNAH'S, fifth generation offspring from the Serval.
F6 SAVANNAH'S, sixth generation offspring from the Serval.
F7 SAVANNAH'S, seventh generation offspring from the Serval.



SAVANNAH'S With dogs




With ferrets


Fish and Savannahs

f f




Children and Savannah's




Savannah's with other cats



Very affectionate

Savannah's can be real lap cats!!!




Dinner time is so exciting!!!
1, 2, ..........!!!!
Mine, mine, mine...... Don't look!!!!!





Speaks for it self...





Savannah's love to help in anyways they can

No Savannah movies or books???






Very atlethic and high jumpers





Savannah's have real funny face expressions



Very playful with whatever they can find to play with

This little sweetie just stole my glasses of my head to run off with it



Helping decorating the tree


Some like it to go shopping



Many (not all) Savannah's love to go on walks




Shredding machine, a Savannah!



Many Savannah's love water




A big thank you for all Savannah fans, owners and friends who helped me with sending many pictures what helped me to create this page


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