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The Savannah breed is a Serval hybrid. This page will tell and show you more what a Serval is. Lot's of info and pictures to see!

A full grown Serval will weigh between 18 and 41 pound (7-19 kilo) Body lenght about 27-39 inches.(70-100 centimeters) with an added tail lenght about 13-17 inches (35-40 centimeters) The hight at the shoulder is about 23 inches (60 centimeters) Males are larger then females. Except for the shortness of the tail, there is a physical resemblance to the cheetah. The serval is called also the " cheap men's cheetah" .  

The Serval is a slender, athletic, long legged spotted cat with big oval upstanding ears with black and white markings on the back side of the ears.

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It has an excellent sense of hearing and can locate prey that is moving underground. Once it hears its prey, the serval will quietly approach and then leaping, will pounce on it. Often, they will play with their meal before consuming it. Servals are very good in catching fish and not afraid for water. It has dark long longitudinal stripes on the neck and shoulders, breaking up into spots over his back.Noticeable long neck and ears.


There are 28 species of small cats world-wide. In Africa they include the caracal, African golden cat, black-footed cat, sand cat, African wild cat and serval. It is believed that the domestic cats are descendents of the African wild cat that was domesticated by the Egyptians around 2000 B.C. Domestic cats can and do breed with both African and European wildcats. The Swahili name of half wild, half domestic cat is Nunda. Swahili name for wildcat: Makanu Felis Serval. The Serval has a number of different vocalizations which include snarling, growling, spitting, purring and a high pitched cry used to call other servals.

There are three colors known in the Serval. The most commen, Brown Spotted, the more rare Melanistic (Black) and the very rare White Serval. The only White Servals in the world are at Big Cat Rescue

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Servals are found troughout the Savannas of africa. They are not found in dessert regions, tropical rainforest or a long the western tip of south Africa. Servals live in dry open grasslands, wooded savannas, grassy uplands and moist areas around rainforests. The melanistic Servals have been seen in Aberdare Mountains, Mount Kenya, Mau Forest and Kilimanjaro.

Servals are great climbers, swimmers, jumpers, with the ability to leap high enough to catch birds right out of the air. It hunts by night, from the ground and seeks rodents, frogs, reptiles, birds and small deer. The Serval natural enemies , hyenas, African wild dogs and leopards. Not to forget men. People like to hunt the Serval for his beautiful spotted hides. The Serval is also hunted to provide meat, they are considerd as a delicacy.


To learn and see more about the Serval, please check out this web page, full with video's (-:





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