What to do when you want to show your Savannah?

I will try to explain a lot on this page about showing your Savannah. Savannahs create a lot of excitment at shows, so there will be a lot of people wanting to know more about the Savannahs and about your Savannah. This means you can be a wonderfull Ambassasor for the Savannah Breed !

The Savannah's have now reached the Tica Championship status what will start on May 1, 2012 into the Champion class.You will only be able to show SBT Savannahs and they will be shown in Championship class (so separated into kittens, cats and alters) along with the other breeds to compete for Champion and Grand Championship of your Savannah!!!

Savannah Rama

A Savannah-Rama is a special part of select Tica cat shows and is designated to show and promote the Savannah breed. Their web site is: Savannah Rama . A Savannah Rama allows Savannahs of all generations to been shown and to be in the Savannah Rama fun ring. The Savannah Rama fun ring cost an extra $10.00, this is in addition to the standard fees. It is often held at the end of the judging day, when a ring of the show hall is free and the judges are free to look at the Savannah's..

Click on this link to read about the Savannah breed standard from Tica


First of all it is important that your Savannah is registered by Tica ( The International Cat Association) The breeder gave you the blue-slip ( litter registration form) or the Registration for your Savannah. When you send the registration into Tica , your Savannah is then registered in your name. Tica is the only genetic registry that accepts the Savannah. The next step is to decide on the show venue and date. To see where the Tica shows are, go to http://ticamembers.org/calendar

Click on this link to read about the Tica show rules

Entering your Savannah cat or kitten in a show

Often on the Calendar page, http://ticamembers.org/calendar you can fill in an online registration form and pay the fee through Paypal. You can also print it out, fill out the registration and mail it with your payment. Either call or email the show entry clerk for an entry form. There is also a generic show entry form on the Tica web site what can be used. Every time you are at a Tica show you will be given new show flyers for subsequent shows. You will see on the Tica summary sheet "benching preferences" or " benching request". You can fill in "Savannah owners" or a friends name you want to sit with. Once you filled everything in and have sent the forms and payment, you should recieve a receipt in the mail with all details as they will be listed in the show catalogue. Notify the clerk if your information is not correct.


The show managment provides a single benching cage for each cat entered. Double cages may be available at an additional cost.Cage sizes vary. Please check the show flyer about this. You can bring your own show cage if you prefer. It is required to cover 3 sides and the top of the cage with fabric for the privacy of your cat. It should be be disigned to fit loosely around and the back, sides and the top of the cage. More elaborate curtains cover the inside as well.

Preparing your cat/kitten for the show

It is very important that your cat/kitten is prepared to be handled and to be held before you go to a show. Start weeks before the show date to practice. Holding it up in front of you and stretching the body (torso) out and looking at the face, touching the tail and back.None of this is normal behavor for your kitty, try to get them accustomed to strange poses.Ask friends, neighbors, or family members to do this also with your show cat to be. Get the cat/kitten used to strangers who will handle it. Get them used to loud noises because it will be noisy in the show hall all the time with speakers, screaming kids, and people. Visit a show before you go with your Savannah to see what the judges do with the cats on the table and talk with expierenced show people to get some tips.

The travel to the show

There are different ways to travel and you have to be prepared for the method of travel you choose. When you have to stay overnight, check the hotels that will allow pets in the room and any additional fees. Some hotels will charge an animal deposit that may be refunded when you check out and some hotels have a nonrefundable pet fee.


Depending on how long the drive will be, you might want to bring; a travel carrier, litter box with litter, cleaning supplies, water and food, bowls, and clean bedding when the cat has an accident on the way. Some favorite toys will be a great stress reliever for the kitty.


Airlines require a health certificate from the vet and you can schedule this the week leading up to the show date. If you want to fly with your cat in the cabin you have to book this at the same time as your fare. This will cost an extra fee. There is a limit to the number of animals allowed in the cabin on the plane, so book early enough to be sure the cat flies with you in the cabin.You will need a carrier that will fit under the seat in front of you. Soft sided carriers are excellent for this. You can ask the airline for the dimensions that are required. You can also book your cat as cargo instead of in the cabin. The cat will be in a special temperature controlled area. If you chooso to do this, be sure the cat is in a hard plastic carrier in which it can stand and move around easily. Ask your airlines about the pricing and requirements. Tranquilizing your cat is not allowed by airlines.


What to bring to the show?

** Your cat, with clipped nails on all paws. Failure to do so may subject entry to disqualification.

** "Do not touch" sign for the cage and business cards from your Cattery.

** If preferable your own cage or show kennel, Your show curtains and something soft for the bottom of the cage

** A small litter tray, litter, a scoop, plastic bag for the waste, a couple of small bowls for food and water.

** Baby wipes, cleaning wipes, paper towels, pet odor eliminator for emergencies.

** Camera to make great pictures, hand sanitizer, Q-tips in case you forgot to clean your cats ears

** Nice pictures to put on top of your cage/kennel, toys and treats to spoil your kitty that day.

** Maybe some zip ties to secure the kennel or big clips .Scissors, Safety pins to repair quick the kennel curtains.

** Confirmation slip received from the entry clerk

** Vaccination records, Pedigree and Registration papers if applicable.


Show Time!!!!

Rise early and give yourself and the cat/kitten a good meal. Showing can be very stressful especially the first time, for you and the cat/kitten will probably not eat again for the whole day. Check for the last time if all nails are clipped and no dirty ears. All supplies packed and ready to go. Try to arrive early at the show hall, the check-in-line may be long. Check the flyer for the time. The check-in table is usually at the show hall entrance. Have your confirmation slip(s) available for check in. You will receive your cat's catalogue number. This is also your benching number and is the number that appears in the judges book.

Arrived at the show

Find your cage location. There will be a map drawing in your show program that you received when entering. At the cage location your name is usually written on a paper covering your area of the table. You have now reached your destination! Set up your cage with all you plan to put over it and in it before you put your cat/kitten in there. Settle your kitty in and try to calm it if it is stressed. The Savannahs are listed in your catalogue under the Advanced New Breed section usually towards the end of the program.Your cat/kitten is listed with a number that will be your number for the day. Please memorize it and write it down.

Now you are showing!

Now every one is settled in. Now the waiting starts until your class is called. Please try to listen carefully. Some halls will not have great audio systems. When you go to the ring when your number is called, there will be a cage with your cat's number placed above it. Put your cat in the cage and leave the ring after securing the door.

The judge will take the cat out to hold them up to look at the lenght of body, spotting and turns the cat to see his face. Will feel his body and the tail.The judge can play with a toy to see the cat better.

After the judge has seen enough, he/she will put the cat back in the cage. Once the judge has seen all of the cats/kittens, the judge will mark the placings on the official form then put the placings on the cage. Some judges will tell you what they thought of the cats as they put out the placings. Others will not. It is not impolite to wait and ask the judge after the ring is over.

Once the show ring is over, the ring clerk will show the cage numbers. This is the sign that you can take your cat/kitten back to it's bench cage. If your cat/kitten won the the class, you can take the rosette back also to hang on the bench cage.

Throughout the day your cat/kitten number will be called in all rings. After the last one is done you can take your cat/kitten home or to the hotel for the night. You and your kitty survived the first showing day!

You can be very proud of yourself and your show Savannah kitty with an awesome and, hopefully, rewarding day with a ribbon or rosette.


F2B Girl Lequoia Nyimak



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