F2B Leqouia Yuma, male. Click here to see his baby pictures

Yuma has adjusted very quickly. It is very hard to get good pictures for sure.Yuma is also very lovable and will let us pick him up and hold him.It is amazing how big he is getting. He still is a wonder and joy to us. He is now learning how to jump fairly well with out a look on his face of "What the hec did I do I'm laying down and I'm not sure if it hurt or not". Yuma is a mama's boy for sure!! Thanks,Kirby, Ellen and Pride


F2B, Lequoia Ruger, male.

We just want to Thank you for Ruger our F2 kitten he is a part of the family. . You did a amazing Job breeding these kittens, completely housebroken he has never had a single mishap . He's been great with the othercats and our dogs and has intergraded into the family perfectly . Your willingness to help us before and after the purchase was above and beyondour expectations. Don't be surprised if we are back someday for another Savannah.
Thank you for all you've done and feel free to use this on your website and
we would be glad to be used as a reference.. Thanks again David and Beth


F2B, Lequoia Malik, male.

Malik has been more than I had imagined he has been awesome, he is very very smart and has to be part of everything I'm doing and always let's me know when he wants something! He follows us everywhere and when he is not near me he is playing with our other cat. I always wondered if he would be a lap cat and he definately is, and always sleeping near my head! He has non stop energy and always wants to play fetch or with his special "hidden" toys or the ones he would destroy if not supervised! I will always recommend Lequoia Cats as a breeder to anyone! Thanks, Ben.


F3C, Lequoia Nahiba, female.

When we brought Nahiba—our gorgeous F3 girl from Lequoia’s Nyimak—home in October 2011, it took her all of about five seconds to completely charm us (a bit longer to charm our eight-year-old Bengal but she’s winning him over slowly but surely).  I knew she was going to be beautiful, exotic, athletic, and headstrong. What I didn’t know was that she was also going to be a total cuddle bug! When she’s not playing or on patrol or ambushing the Bengal, she leaps into my lap, onto my shoulders and even crawls under the covers and snuggles. In fact, one of her nicknames is “Bug”.

I can’t recommend Lequoia enough—what a well-socialized little (big) girl! She is truly a dream kitty. When I first considered getting a Savannah, I was quickly taken with Lequoia and how helpful Christina was in answering all my questions. I thought I surely must be becoming a nuisance, but she never seemed to grow tired of helping me figure out if a Savannah was right for me, and then which generation to choose. After visiting Lequoia and choosing Nyimak’s “dynamite girl” Nahiba, Christina kept me updated with photos and stories until it was time to bring her home.  It’s obvious that she loves what she does and loves every one of her cats and kittens. She was right that this F3 girl can be a handful, but what a magnificent handful she is!  We are so happy and feel so lucky to have Nahiba that now we can’t imagine how we ever got along without her. Thanks, Sharon.


F3C, Lequoia Lani, female.

Lani was a love from our first hours with her - was fine during our trip home as long as she got love and cuddling. Not only is Lani beautiful with her warm, reddish-gold coat, puffy, heart-shaped nose and exceptional ears;
but her personality is even better than we expected. In her first weeks with us, she was well socialized (already knew not to bite), and showered both my husband and me with kitten kisses and nuzzling. We knew Lani would be "intense" as an F3, but that means she's intensely loving, intelligent, interactive, and VOCAL. She is the most adorable
character - always up for a conversation. She lets you know what she wants, but also how much she loves you. She's a perfectly gorgeous Savannah girl, but also a tomboy when she plays with her new "brothers." She can growl like
a big tiger during play, but be a cuddle bug the next minute. At six months, she still crawls under the covers with us, or lays across our bodies or necks. She integrated beautifully with our Savannah boy, our 8-year-old Bengal, and
our new rescue tabby kitten. They play and nap together endlessly. Lani is high-energy but cooperative in playing games with anyone. All of our other cats adore her. The only catch is that she's so smart, she figures out my
games quickly, so I need to make them more advanced!
We look forward to a long, loving life with Lani. She lives up to her name, "Heaven."

I can't say enough good things about Christina as a breeder. She was honest, responsive and helpful from start to finish; and I know that she's there any time if we have important questions. She goes above and beyond. I knew her
cats had the finest care and would be just as described. Thanks, Diana


F2B, Female Lequoia Maeve. F5B, male, Lequoia Micah. F5C, male, Mezmyrr and F6A, female, Lequoia Meloria

Micah, Maeve, Meloria and Mezmyrr have been wonderful additions to my family. They are beautiful and very well socialized, loving to spend time in your lap or chasing toys in a good game of fetch. I would highly recommend Lequoia as a source of healthy and loving cats. Between her absolutely wonderful photo updates of the babies, to her guidance and support in getting through the trauma of my prior queen's litter loss and sterilization due to Pyometria, I couldn't ask for a better person to work with. I count both her and her husband as friends, and look forward to seeing her future litters probably as much as she looks forward to seeing mine.

Laura, www.argentsavannah.com


F5B Lequoia Delilah, classic marble and F5B Lequoia Thorn, silver spotted tabby

Delilah's personality is great fun. She is playful, goofy, mischievous, and affectionate - always very gentle. It is hard to believe that we have three young kids and have not seen one scratch from Delilah. Her claws are always kept in when she is playing with them. I don't think that our other cat is so lucky. They have so much fun wrestling and playing. She is a joy to have around.The kids adore her, and we are so pleased. She is very loving and breathtakingly beautiful. Everything continues to be fantastic with Delilah. She is an absolute dream kitten - extremely loving and social - the perfect cat for our family.She is not at all scared of the noise and always wants to be in the center of the action. She loves to snuggle on our laps when we do have quiet time and sleeps under the covers with us every night.Litter box and eating habits are great! Thorn, our second Savannah girl, has settled in very quickly and we are amazed at how smooth it has been.Thorn has been extremely loving and affectionate with everymember of the family and is very demanding of hugs and kisses... and she gets lots of them!  She is eating and using the litter box and has already had lots of playtime and many naps.

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F5B Domingo, Black smoke ( proven breeder, son of Mack)

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F5B Destiny,female.

I wanted to let you know that my beautiful Black Smoke Savannah boy Domingo is doing so very well.  He is the sweetest, most loving kitten I have ever seen. You are truly to be complimented on his upbringing and breeding.He is so very happy and just loves everyone!  He has made friends with the little dogs we have and of course with my other Savannahs.He is just an amazing little guy and I thank you so very much for him. Domingo will be our future stud in our Savannah Cattery in Arizona.Domingo is now a proven breeder and a son of Mack. Destiny is so adorable and I just love her!!!!. She looks so much like her mom Kioko. So sweet and loving!!! Many, many thanks!!!! And, Destiny IS awesome!!!!!!  I just can't help but adore her!!!!  We should have named her Cherish as I do do that with her!!!!  I cherish her!!!!  She is my little baby!!!   

F5B Lequoia Vega

Kitty has settled down quite a bit and I have given him a name. He will be called Vega after the star, the banjo company, and the character in pulp fiction. He is already dealing well with visitors and (for the most part) only cries out when I leave the room. He is tolerating visitors well and spend a good part of the afternoon playing with my friends and family. Right now he is crashed on my bed, he seems to go from full play mode to sleep. I'm not sure he has found the middle ground yet. But I got him a bunch of toys and he is loving his tree. All in all he is settling in faster than I had anticipated. Everyone loves him. Thanks, Brandon.


F5C Lequoia Danger

Our boy is just the absolute perfect addition to our family!! He is by FAR THE BEST CAT WE'VE EVER HAD!! He's super sweet and gentle. Even with how rough the baby can handle him, he doesnt scratch her or anything!! He is Just Perfect!! Oh! and we named him "Danger". He's definately the opposite, but it has a ring, and its the only name we all could agree on!! Danger is the most amazing feline EVER!!!  He acts alot like a dog!! He loves me MOST!! My husband is very jealous about that!! But because he is just the way he is; we think he is ready to have a friend to play with all day!! We went out of town and when we got back we could totally tell he missed us!! But he's an absolute SWEETHEART!! So THANK YOU for HIM!! we want soon another one!! Thank you, Cybill


F5C Lequoia Bandit

He is such a wonderful boy and is so tender and friendly with everyone. We all love him. He meows all the time telling my about what he did with his day and he loves to have conversation about what he likes to eat/play with. He absolutely loves dropping toys on our heads when we are sleeping... =)We are absolutely thrilled with him and have never known such a joy! He is bonding to both of us. Loves naps ontop or near us. P.S. He is making great progress with toilet training! Hopefully in a month he will be finished and we can stop dealing with liter. =) Kevin


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F6C Elby and Kenna,Brown spotted tabby

Thank you for showing your house and Cattery. We had no problems on the way home. She didn't make a noise. I put my hand in her bag and she curled up too it, even licked my hand and fell back too sleep. I took her out of her bag carrier and put her on my lap. She just fell asleep and stayed there for the next 3 1/2 hours, crawling up on my shoulder a time or two.. No problems no accidents. She is purring when I'm with her! She has crawled in my wife's coat and kneaded some sweater bread, and did some talking in the process, and enjoyed playing with her feather toy. We train her now to wear the walking jacket and she is doing great with this. She has a lot of fun.After a couple of weeks, we where so exited to have this girl that we wanted her sister also! Thanks, Kirby, Ellen and Pride 




aj aj

F6C T.J., Brown spotted tabby. Proven breeder, son from Mongo

Here are some pictures during AJ's third harness lesson. He is a bit unsure of himself out in the yard, but less timid each time we go out. He is growing so fast, he weights over 7 pounds, 6 1/2 months old! What a pretty boy he is!

Thanks for this beautiful boy and future stud for my cattery. Bonnie.



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F6C Taji,Brown spotted tabby

Picked this little sweetie up from Christina Goss and I thought it would take him at least a few days to get used to the place but 24 hours later he is right at home. Taji is an F6C. He introduced himself to Juba Kai, my 7mo old F2 in the most endearing way and Juba is completely smitten. Thanks, Deborah.



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F6C Princess Syn,Brown spotted tabby

I got Syn when she was six months of age. She is one of the most beautiful kittens I have ever seen! Her fur is the softest and she barley sheds. I normally have cat allergies but not with her. Everyone cannot help staring at her because she is so wild looking. She is also super sweet, intelligent and playful. She is a great athlete and loves to fetch cough drops and hair bands. She knows the commands, " fetch", "bring" and "drop". Syn is so entertaining we barely watch television anymore! She is always doing something cute and her intelligence never ceases to amaze me.She gets along great with my mom's cat Fatty and even gotten him to exercise a little bit. I am sooooo happy to have her!

I would highly recommend the Savanna cat breed and the LEQUOIA CATTERY. Christina raises her cats with love. She let me come to her cattery/home and see all the cats. She helped me choose the perfect kitten for my lifestyle. I can't wait to get another Savanna companion from the LEQUOIA CATTERY for Syn in the near future. Thanks, Kristin.


F6C Leona, Brown spotted tabby

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 We named her Leona... We just love her so much!!!!!



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F6C Samara and Apollo, Brown spotted tabby

I just wanted to let you know that I have named the kitten Samara, and she is doing very well.  She's really adapted well to her new home, and now she hardly leaves my side, and if I'm sitting or laying down, she's generally cuddled up in my lap. Samara is growing like crazy. She has fully adapted to her new surroundings, and has countless toys to play with.I have attached some of her pictures for you, and you can see how photogenic she is, as she takes really cute pictures...

I wanted another playmate for Samara and decided to get a F6 boy this time. I have named him Apollo.  At first it was a little rough for the little guy, as Samara really didn't like having him around. Over a period of about two days, she started playing with him, but she was being really rough on him and I found myself having to separate them. Now she's almost fully accepted him, and is acting more in a motherly role, and boy is it fun to watch them play! Apollo is doing great, and is growing like crazy. Samara has fully gotten used to him, and is quite the mom to him now. Thanks for both, Michael.


F7 Lequoia Lola,female, silver spotted tabby

Lola is a very playful cat and so sweet.I am so happy with her.Lola is doing great in her new home.  we love her so much. She is the sweetest cat I have ever owned, and I cannot thank you enough for such a wonderful pet. Lola is definitely spunky but such a joy. She loves to sit in my lap while I am watching tv. She is just so wonderful. Thank you again for my wonderful new friend


Pictures of retired adult Savannahs


F4B SHENOA Brown spotted tabby, 3 years young
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Shenoa is doing great with us. She's become a lot more daring about going around the dog(Indiana), and will sit and talk to him all the time. around the dog(Indiana), and will sit and talk to him all the time. She has her places all over the house that she likes to lounge, including on top of our fish tank as you'll see in the picture. The kitten(Munch) and her get along great, either laying together or wrestling around. We've been very happy with the decision to get her.



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F5B Ayani, Brown spotted tabby, 2 years young

Today, she's working with me in my office.She is beautiful and I love her.Everyone loves her!!! Thank you so much for such a wonderful pet!!!


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F4 Lanai, Brown spotted tabby, 2 years young

Lanai is doing really good! Actually better than we expected. She is the queen! We got her a new cat tree and she layed in it and has been watching the snow. We also got her a heated blanket and she loves laying on it. She now sleeps with us every night, never to cuddly - but always on the bed! She is a such a joy.





F6C Kitana, Brown spotted tabby, 1 year

She is a sweetie and really pretty. I really want to thank you again for letting me have her.  She is just beautiful and I can't wait to see her kittens!



F5B Makena, Brown spotted tabby, 2 years young

We love her - she is so friendly. All my girls like petting her.Makena is doing really well - She comes out of her hiding/sleeping place in the morning and evening and comes up to everyone to get petted and is really getting used to it here. 



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